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Many Hands  4 Peace Walkers are those Original Individuals who focusing their attention on bringing Abundance to the world in Peace and sharing their fresh perspectives in a time of change.

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Many Hands 4 Peace!

  All Peaceful technologies
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Many Hands 4 Peace is founded in the Spirit of Co-operation through shared intention of bringing Peace to our World


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The Many Hands 4 Peace map is created to connect those looking to LEARN and those SHARING information for the sake of restoring vitality to our world and bringing Abundance and Peace  among humanity. 

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Supporting Projects  -  Joining  Hands As One 

"Together we are unlimited power"

Kfssi aims  to develop new scientific knowledge, new technologies and new s​olutions to major global problems related to famine, water, power  supply, climate and disease, through the use of specially developed  plasma  technology.
Let's get together - we​ will be co-creating a plasma environment which will give freedom of energy, sustenance, healing and regeneration of the human vessel.  
We're Infinity Project group creating and bringing forward solutions to solve issues affecting humanity that includes  Energy, Healing, Food, Shelter it's all here in these plasma infinity devices. 

Agriculture - Aquaponics
 21st Century Superhuman
      Discover support, community, vision, tools and inspiration. Access your Super-Self.  Change is afoot. The time is Now. JOIN US! 

      We are just getting going, so this website is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  What information we have, we share with you so that you can benefit, just know that not everything is complete.  All information shared is co-developed and open source for the benefit of anyone, those making plasma devices are acting in their own full responsibility and liability when developing any technology.